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Rob Klein
09/07/05 10:56
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The Netherlands

#100761 - Potential problems ...
Responding to: Jon Ledbetter's previous message
"Go home ..."

Tricky when, like me, you have a home office.

"... kick the cat ..."

Haven't got one o' those.

"... the wife and kids ..."

Or those.

"... empty a few of clips from a semi-auto as fast as you can into a pile of dirt ..."

That is actually illegal in The Netherlands. Doing so would probably get me into more trouble than what I'm trying to get out of ;-).

"... have a few drinks ..."

At last, a sensible suggestion! ;-))

When faced with an elusive problem or when the inspiration just doesn't flow, I tend to just go downstairs; flop onto the sofa, have a cup of coffee, pet my bunnies or clean their cages. Doing domestic tasks is a good way to get my mind off things and in fact I've had many flashes of insight while vacuuming or doing the dishes :-).

Of course, the great thing about having an office at home is the fact that I don't have to keep "office hours", so if inspiration hits me at half past nine in the evening, I needn't let it go to waste. That and the fact I don't have a boss screaming at me. Unless I do something really stupid, that is ;-)


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