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Andy Neil
09/08/05 08:47
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#100816 - Irrelevant?
Responding to: Abhishek Singh's previous message
Abhishek Singh said:
the x86 memory is segmented and any adress has two parts.

Not quite.

Memory is memory - it is addressed in the normal way.

It's not the memory itself that is segmented - it's just the way the x86 works with it internally.

The x86 is a 16-bit processor, so all its internal registers & data paths are 16 bits wide.
But the x86 has a 20-bit address space; the Segment:Offset business is just the way it manages to get 20 bits out of two 16-bit registers!
All the memory ever sees is a 20-bit address - it knows nothing about segmentation!

offset is stored in IP(instruction pointer) and segment in the CS

The x86 has a whole bunch of registers that can be used as Segment registers, and plenty of others that can be used as offsets...

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