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Andy Neil
09/10/05 01:52
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#100892 - If you want a proper answer...
Responding to: Neil Kurzman's previous message
Neil Kurzman said:
In any case You Need a general embedded or X86 embedded group.

Exactly - why would you expect an 8051 "expert" to answer detailed x86 questions?!

If he'd asked a proper, on-topic 8051 question, I'd have the "bible," data sheets etc to look it up and give a definitive (hopefully!) answer - all this x86 stuff is just from memory...

In X86 in ASM or a 'C' near pointer (a 'C' far pointer has no problem) if you inc a pointer set to 0xFFFF you end up at the bottem of the segment. so an increment at FFFF:FFFF gives you FFFF:0000 not 0000:0000.

That sounds right - because the 16-bit Offset rolls-over from FFFF to 0000 independently of the 16-bit Segment.

That's why I specifically chose the example of the 16-bit Offset incrementing from 000F to 0010, giving a 20-bit EA roll-over from FFFFF to 00000.
I think that's right, isn't it?

Of course, a joy of the Segmented architecture is that you're not restricted to rollover problems just at the end of memory - you can have a rollover at the end of any paragraph in memory...!

On X86 0000:0000 would not be the boot code. the reset vector is at the top of memory. It must have a jump the the start of code.
the bottom of memory for AM188 is the Interupt Vector Table.

Yes - see and

MOV@R0 on the '52 would give you similar results.

Not quite - PDATA pages in the 8051 do not overlap...

Anyhow, the OP seems to have lost interest now.

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