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Craig Steiner
09/19/05 22:09
  09/19/05 22:10

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#101242 - Not possible
Responding to: Rob Vassar's previous message
Rob Vassar said:
I know you like your homebrew soluiton, but perhaps you should consider vBulliten or phpBB, or one of the other MySQL backed forum board systems.

A change in forum systems is not going to happen any time soon. In part because I don't have time for such a massive migration, in part because I don't feel excited about trying to integrate the code I've seen from those systems into the rest of the system (most of the code I've seen is extremely ugly so that the forums can handle localization, but trying to modify the functionality would be a massive headache), and in part because I haven't seen anything particularly attractive that would give me a reason to migrate. I also am not sure I want to be a clone of every other message board out there.

As for search, I have yet to use a forum software that had a truly decent search facility. I agree the search facility here at is deficient but I'm not convinced any of the other options are much better.

Not to mention there's something to be said for security through obsecurity. If there are are security failures somewhere in my homebrew system, at least the whole world doesn't know about it and can't use that information to target our server.

Craig Steiner Webmaster

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