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Farshid Jafari Harandi
09/20/05 07:16
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#101261 - Maxtor HDD Crash :(
This is a bit long post , subject is about helping to recover the life to a crashed Maxtor HDD .
You professionals should have some experiences in this field ,and have worked with IDE interface , i thought you maybe could help me.

5 days before my system unexpectedly restated and HDD refused to pass the POST test (Bios detects the HDD name but not the exact name which was detected before the crash).it just says ***** Hard Disk Fail ! (press F1 to contiune).
i tried everything , changnig the HDD master/slave,primary/secondary.
i even found another same HDD and chanded my HDD's PCB with the other good one ,with no luck.
All worth of my PCBs/Shematics/Programs/Pictures/Downloaded Data are gone ,so take my advice and take a backup right now if you didn't have one recently cause these new HDD's are not much last full backup was made about 3 years before.
showing the HDD to the repair shops around they told me that maxtor HDD's (my HDD is a Maxtor Diamond Plus 8 40GB) store even their size and serail numbers on the first track of the hdd. (some quality hdd's use flash roms - like WD) and my problem is that track is got broken. hdd is not recognised by windows nor Fdisk nor PowerQuest's Partiotion Magic nor Diskpatch nor GetDataBack.
(couldn't try the PowerMax -which i hope the most- because it needs to write at floppy drive at B and this damn thing i've have as a floppy Drive only detects at B: :( )

i was being asked for atleast $300 for the recovery fee (recovery in my terriority is cheaper) but this is also too much for me.

posting on some related forums i found some other info,

putting my ear really near the HDD when powering it up, i could hear a sound which is very like the head seeking sound (these are really a damn quiet HDD's) so if the head is seeking and disk (this is a slim single disk HDD)is rotaiting and board is OK there should be a way of lowlevel talking with the HDD making it able to write at the LBA track 0 at the 'HDD idenetification info' place (which should be the way producer company -Maxtor- programs that track on a fresh unit)?
don't tell me it is impossible to write at this track with its current board :(
Designing a interface for IDE/ATA using a MCU -preferably 8051- wouldn't take so much time. then i use this thing to write on the specified track then using a Data Recovery Software i'll deal with the probably deleted FAT data and so on...
any sort of info/professional HDD electronic message board/good websites would help .
Unfortunately searching on HDD's in Google mainly lead into data recovery companys.

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   Reliability      Andy Neil      09/21/05 17:52      
      I said this because of      Farshid Jafari Harandi      09/22/05 06:32      

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