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Jan Waclawek
09/20/05 08:09
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#101275 - Philips...
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
or, maybe Philips where it takes 6 steps and entering a password that you can not change to something you can remember, to get in???

For me, I tried to do 20 steps in Philips' forum and entered the password 5 times in a row but couldn't make a single post... I also contacted their webmaster but could not do anything...

This forum is just great and it's also good that Craig is able to do the mods for himself anytime it's needed (and he has time to do it - wish he had more time to do that).

Jan Waclawek

PS. You can always type into google something like
which gives you the links to PID-relevant posts on this site mostly.

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