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Farshid Jafari Harandi
09/20/05 11:02
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#101281 - these things teaches a good lesson...
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
DO NOT DO ANYTHING YOURSELF, it will make it much more difficult (and costlty) to recover your data.
All I can say id buy a new HDD and restore from your backup which you, of course, have.

I have some backups ,i'm curerntly using another HDD and based on my incoming spending $300 for the recovery is not a suitable chioce. so i decided i have nothing to lose and i'll be carful and go on by myself. who do others do ? they should started to learn from somewhere . as i doubt that here exist a 'Clean 100 Room' so my only lack is on hardware tools they may have.

Oh, a while ago (before networking and the associated automatic backup), I worked at a company and a consultant came in. After a week or two, he got some of us together and said "come in Saturday, say nothing to anyone about it". We came in Saturday and he had us back up every PC in the company up and then he erased the HDDs. After that day everyone in the company remembered to back up.

I wish someone done such a work to me.i even bought the CD-R's for backup about 3-4 weeks ago. i just didn't spend the time to burn my data on'em :(


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