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Russell Bull
09/22/05 03:35
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#101357 - So who won?
Responding to: James Hinnant's previous message

Just goes to show - the concept of marketing hasn't changed much since then. Edison was quite powerful at the time and had a lot at stake, he tried hard to kill Westinghouse's far more efficient system by some slick(dirty) marketing. Luckily, sense prevailed. Edison Electric ended up becoming GE - funny- they're a large producer of ac induction motors and power transformers!

I do wonder about some of the stuff written about Tesla - most of it is probably regurgitated stuff from the efforts of Edison. Tesla certainly understood quite a few things about electromagnetism that we take for granted these days - but levitation etc?

History seems to cast Edison as a good guy - The AC/DC wars illustrate he was more worried about his pocket than the advancement of electricity in general. Westinghouse, on the other hand is relatively unknown - except maybe for the electric chair!

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