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Slobodan Mandaric
09/22/05 05:06
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#101365 - Tesla was the first
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
On November 16, 1896, the first transmission of electrical power between two cities was sent from Niagara Falls to industries in Buffalo from the first commercial two-phase power plants (known as hydroelectric generators) at the Edward Dean Adams Station. The hydroelectric generators were built by Westinghouse Electric Corporation from Tesla's AC system patent designs.

This is written in the same article "War of Currents". There seems to be no doubt on who was the first to invent and implement the Transmission of electrical power over long distances.

But other Tesla's inventions only further support the idea of using AC (tri- or poliphase) rather than DC - especially at higher powers. The most common (and most used in the world) his patent is Asyncronous motor (3 phase). It wonderfully transforms electrical power into rotation without any mechanical contact ! (It must have been a big miracle at that time !)

Tesla also made an enormous work on high frequencies and very high voltages (Tesla's transformer). Radio control is also an area where he was the first. (There is more to mention but I can't remember now).

The only field where Tesla was weak, I would say, was marketing. :- (

Regards, Slobodan

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