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Erik Malund
09/23/05 12:17
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Mt Airy, Nc

#101465 - if you read
Responding to: Paul Calvert's previous message
if you read: "not specifically for the MAX3110, but general SPI", then why "but I'm not seeing anything specific for SPI/MAX3110".

This appears to be similar to SiLabs Configuration tool in that is is used to generate register specific code The SILabs config just define the register settionf, CodeArchitech include driver routines.

I do not know the MAX chip, but guess it is similar to the Philips external UARTS with FIFOs. If so, for read: occasionally check the empty flag,and if not empty drain it. For write: check the half full flag and if not set and there is more to xmit give it 1/2 fifos worth of bytes.


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