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Andy Neil
09/24/05 02:17
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#101479 - Oh no, it's actually happened!
Yes, someone really has ported Linux to a toaster:

Sorry, can't find a photo.

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Oh no, it's actually happened!      Andy Neil      09/24/05 02:17      
   Does it have Speech Synthesis?      Rob Vassar      09/24/05 06:23      
      Not quite, but      Andy Neil      09/24/05 07:58      
         Oh, my god!      José Félix Díaz Ivorra      09/24/05 16:28      
         What about the sides?      Kalpak Dabir      09/30/05 21:57      
   What about the heating element      Neil Kurzman      09/24/05 16:38      

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