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Lady Perez
09/25/05 01:55
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#101507 - audio transmission via bluetooth

i have the same problem like Kunaal Lagwankar who posted a message aobut audio transmission last january.

i idea was to transfer a real-time music coming from a PDA to a speaker wirelessly using bluetooth.

the possibility of using bluetooth development kit or bluetooth module or chip is big but buying it is a big problem with me because

1. Bluetooth development kit is expensive($1000+)
2. i dont know where can a buy a module or chip that is per piece or even 10 piece at most.

can anyone help me and give suggestions...pls
i read from articles that there are some bluetooth development kit that might cost around ($100 - $300) but i dont know to to find it)pls help
To:Kunaal Lagwankar - did you solved your problem on audio transmission already? if you do, pls help me

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