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Charles Bannister
09/27/05 00:33
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#101594 - File Edges of PCB top and bottom.
Responding to: Rob Vassar's previous message
Hello Rob,

So far all of the tips you have been given are wrong. All you need is 200 grit sand paper, a flat file, iron set to 1/3 heat and a sheet of typing paper.

1. File all the edges (top and bottom [8 sides total]) of the PCB with a flat file. This makes sure the iron will meet all of the printed circuit board. This is the single most important step.

2. Clean the PCB with the 200 grit sand paper. 10 seconds of sanding is all you need. Wipe off with paper towel.

3. Place the Toner Transfer on the PCB. Place a piece of typing paper over the Toner Transfer and iron for two to three minutes. Don't put a lot of pressure on the iron. Just move it back and forth on all sides.

4. Let the PCB cool for about five minutes and pry the toner transfer off of the PCB.

You will get perfect results. I have been using this method for 10 years and done thousand of boards with 100% results. I even do double sided boards with great results. The smallest foil should be 20 mils. I try to lay out my board with 50 mils foils unless I have to shrink them.


Charles Bannister

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