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Shantanu Pavgi
10/01/05 08:06
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#101812 - need info regarding MS in US
Hello everyone,
Myself, Shantanu, just completed my Bachelor of Electrx & Telecomm. in India.
I want to do Masters in US.
I've already given GRE and TOEFL.

I need some information regarding courses and colleges in US.

1. First i need to decide my major. Now i know, it should be chosen as per personal liking, however, i need some info. regarding upcoming fields in US.
e.g.: Telecom, Networking, Embedded Sys., DSP, Radio Engr., Bio-medical...
(Actually all fields are interrelated in some or the other way...
Embedded is almost there in every appln as DSP, networks...etc... So in a sense all fields do have good opportunity)

2. I think, US dept. publishes some data regarding Scarcity of Skillsets/skills every year. This will be really useful in chosing right major. Now how to get it?

3. Suppose no such data is published, then how to know it?

Can anyone please guide me about these things?
You may also post-in your opinion about all fields...

Thanking You.

best regards,

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