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Craig Steiner
10/03/05 17:16
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#101883 - Status Update
I'm currently in Denver due to a family health emergency. This has caused me to be a lot less responsive over the last week and this will probably continue for awhile yet. If you've emailed me and gotten no response, please be patient. I'll respond eventually.

In the meantime, I'd ask that you keep my mother in your prayers.

In more earthly news, we are currently migrating to a new Internet server. This should have little or no impact on members, but the mailing list may be suspended for a few days. If you stop receiving email, please be patient. It'll start up automatically within a day or two of it being suspended.

Craig Steiner Webmaster

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   sorry to hear that Craig      Terry Lingle      10/04/05 14:47      
   All the best      Kai Klaas      10/07/05 04:31      
      How is she now?      Vignesh Prasad      10/12/05 11:31      
   Thank you      Craig Steiner      10/12/05 16:01      

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