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Kai Klaas
10/04/05 04:26
  10/04/05 04:27

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#101901 - Current and speed
Responding to: Prahlad J. Purohit's previous message
Prahlad said:
What are the easily availble diodes in SMD package for this application [ freewheeling ].

There are two things to keep in mind, when choosing a free wheel diode, current and speed.

Current: The free wheel diode need not to shunt more current than actually flows through the solenoid, because physics tells, that the current tries to keep on flowing. And if this current is 400mA, then only 400mA will flow through the free wheel diode.

Speed: The mechanismn which provides the inductive kick is very fast. So, if the current is switched-off very fast, then also the inductive kick will rise very fast. In this case also the diode must turn-on very fast, because otherwise the inductive voltage can rise to a dangerous level before the free wheel diode conducts. In such cases it's a good idea to take a transzorb acting as a zener diode. This will even help in speeding up the turn-off time of solenoid. And as only 400mA is flowing you can choose a very tiny one sitting in a SMD-package.


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