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Jon Ledbetter
10/06/05 14:22
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#102039 - FLIP 2.2.4 and USB/RS232 Converter
Recently I got a new laptop (XP Pro) with no RS232 ports, just USB. I bought a USB/RS232 converter (Targus PA088) and have been having troubles getting it to work right with FLIP. I went to the Atmel website and found this.

Fix for USB to RS232 adapters used with FLIP 2.4.4 running Windows 2000/XP (4 KB, revision, updated 08/05) If you are programming products through RS232 Bootloaders with a USB to RS232 interface you could have connection failures to FLIP 2.4.4. You need to replace the file AtRs232no.dll. in the Flip folder: \bin with the new attached version.

I also found that the converter I have is one of the recommended converters.

I downloaded the fix and went to replace the file as instructed, but only find 'AtRs232.dll' not 'AtRs232no.dll'. I went ahead and placed the file in the /bin directory, but it didn't make any difference.

Has anybody else had any experience with this particular situation?

P.S. The chip I'm using is AT89C51ED2

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