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Jon Ledbetter
10/12/05 07:40
  10/12/05 07:43

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#102261 - Some clues on the posting status
Responding to: Vignesh Prasad's previous message
I noticed that if I read all posts in a new thread in a row, then return to the subject list, the icon will turn yellow as it should.
(This only works the first time through the thread). Then if I go back to the thread and return to the subject list, the icon will then be red. You can mark all posts a read, using the link, and all the icons will turn yellow as they should, but then returning to the thread and back to the subject list will turn the icon back to red again.

Hope that might help.


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Server Moved      Craig Steiner      10/06/05 03:29      
   Server Moved - this is not important now      Leo Paul      10/06/05 04:13      
   This 'is' a "test"      Craig Steiner      10/06/05 16:23      
      looks good      Andy Neil      10/06/05 17:33      
         Headers...      Rob Vassar      10/06/05 19:20      
   Search not working      Prahlad J. Purohit      10/08/05 00:14      
   Post status      Vignesh Prasad      10/09/05 02:25      
      Working for me now :-)      Andy Neil      10/09/05 11:51      
         same config, not working      Erik Malund      10/10/05 06:56      
            Unclear      Craig Steiner      10/10/05 14:35      
               totally randon, now disappeared on a mar      Erik Malund      10/10/05 15:40      
                  I e-mailed you screen shots      Erik Malund      10/11/05 06:53      
               Internal site email      Steve M. Taylor      10/10/05 15:58      
                  Ouch      Craig Steiner      10/10/05 16:37      
                     Nope      Steve M. Taylor      10/13/05 16:20      
                  Empty e-mails      Kai Klaas      10/11/05 04:42      
      More problems      Vignesh Prasad      10/11/05 08:27      
         Noted      Craig Steiner      10/11/05 12:29      
      Some clues on the posting status      Jon Ledbetter      10/12/05 07:40      
         New message flag solved?      Craig Steiner      10/12/05 15:56      
            mostly      Erik Malund      10/12/05 16:23      
               and I could, thanx      Erik Malund      10/12/05 16:24      
            Message flag working here!      Jon Ledbetter      10/13/05 07:30      
            Not yet for me..      Vignesh Prasad      10/13/05 11:51      
   Autolog off in Site settings not saved      Jon Ledbetter      10/10/05 13:19      
      Setting Saved, but....      Jon Ledbetter      10/12/05 09:53      
         Auto logoff seems to be working!      Jon Ledbetter      10/13/05 09:44      
            Yup      Craig Steiner      10/13/05 09:57      
   Trying to view Profile      Farshid Jafari Harandi      10/13/05 17:01      

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