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Andy Neil
10/12/05 14:42
  10/12/05 14:52

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#102280 - stuff
Responding to: Laki Matt's previous message
Laki Matt said:
I am beginner in writing codes for 8051 uC

Are you a complete programming novice, or have you ever programmed any other controller, processor, or computer?

Do you already know anything about the 8051? Is it just the programming, or are you again a complete novice?

I dont know whitch compiler is the best uvision3,bascom?

uVision is not a compiler - it is an "Integrated Development Environment" or "IDE"
uVision is effectively just a pretty "front-end" for Keil's Compilers, Assemblers, and Linkers.

I don't know about bascom, but many BASIC implementations are Interpreters rather than Compilers: that is, the BASIC Interpreter actually runs on your micro, and reads the source lines as it runs them - obviously not a very efficient approach for a small microcontroller.

The de-facto high-level language for programming microcontrollers is 'C'; so, unless you already know BASIC, there's probably little point in learning it now!

Can somebody tell me where I can download FULL version uvision3

You can't. uVision is a commercial product - Keil is in business to Sell it.
For a beginner, though, the free Evaluation download should be fine.
For a slightly less limited version, the Keil MCB900 kit is only about fifty quid - and that includes a development board!

If you want a full, unlimited 'C' compiler, try SDCC

There are more tools listed in the 'Links' section of this site - some free, some cheap, some not!

Can somebody tell me where I can download ... some tutorial ?

Tutorial on what?
On the 8051?
On 'C' in general?
On 'C' specifically for the 8051?
On bascom?
Or what??

Anyhow, try the Tutorial section of this site, and the Books sections both here and at Keil. And do a Search here for "C Book" - there have been plenty of recommendations many times already.

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