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Andy Neil
10/12/05 15:23
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#102283 - Update - Vodafone
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message
Craig Steiner said:
... I know some providers offer a way to view your current balance by sending an SMS message and they'll SMS you your balance back.

With these Vodafone SIMs, dialling *#1345# does it;
ie, you send the following to the module:
it responds with
and then, a little later, with
+CUSD: 2,"#5.64.",65535
where the "#5.64." represents the credit value.

This is probably specific to Vodafone (certainly doesn't work on T-Mobile), possibly speific to UK-Vodafone, and maybe even specific to a particular UK-Vodafone PAYG price plan...?

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