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Laki Matt
10/13/05 04:27
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#102301 - 8051-book-c
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Thanks for your tip - sdcc - cool

I have couple experiences with writing codes in C, Basic.

I have seen benchmark test about math operations for uVision C51 and Bascom. Keil C51 has better times, probably because of bascom has more code lines.
I know if i want speed so I have to erite code in asm, but later when I will uddate program so I would like to know what and where... so I was thinking about uVision C51(or better compilator ? ) ,Bascom...

I need book >
how work uC.
What I need to do for right/safe run of program...
book for write of program in C for 8051 ( uVision...), bascom8051

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