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Erik Malund
10/13/05 06:40
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Mt Airy, Nc

#102308 - 9 bit 485
I am developing something that may, in the future, "talk" with things we will have developed outside. The last such thing was PIC based and a former one was Rabbit based. All such suppliers are contactually obliged to adapt their software within reason to current and future needs of ours.

Now, however, I can not request them to take back their units and redo the hardware (as long as it works to the initial specs).

SO here is the question:
If you KNOW (I want to stress KNOW, not think or seem to remember) which "other devices" can or can not do 9-bit UART, please post here.

Also, if you post "can" please state "as easy as a '51", "with some difficulty" or "by jumping through hoops".

Please do not post "just request the '51", we do not specify processorts so outside developers can use their favorites with the resulting reduced bugginess.


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