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Jan Waclawek
10/13/05 12:06
  10/13/05 12:12

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#102340 - new users
Responding to: Patrick Kolpitas's previous message
Wow, what an inrush of new users, and all of them interested in lawnmowing!

I reckon, I should get some lawn to mowe, now...

Jan Waclawek

PS. Randy, Andrew and Patrick, don't you know by chance John Martz, john marz, Andy Jones and a couple of others? The posts by these gentlemen are really amusing here... (Search is working now very well.)

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   it is not      Erik Malund      10/13/05 11:33      
      It is      Randy Memtz      10/13/05 11:37      
         If you can not, how can you state that "      Erik Malund      10/13/05 11:55      
   Wow!! That is a Cool Machine      Andrew Jones      10/13/05 11:47      
   8051 or not that's a Cool Machine      Patrick Kolpitas      10/13/05 12:02      
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   Good Work Randy      Victor Rokas      10/13/05 12:09      
   I want one... so I'll Build Me One      John Bits      10/13/05 12:17      
   kind of RC system      Wilfrid Pocan      10/13/05 12:35      
      kind of rc system      Randy Memtz      10/13/05 17:55      
   Want One Too      Isidor Yakovsky      10/13/05 12:46      
   i have to wait to see      Farshid Jafari Harandi      10/13/05 17:09      
      Used up all the bandwith      Randy Memtz      10/13/05 17:53      

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