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Erik Malund
10/14/05 13:05
  10/14/05 13:10

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Mt Airy, Nc

#102428 - The XA has "compatibilty mode" and will
Responding to: Phillip M Gallo's previous message
If the XA and the 166 execute '51 binaries then ok.

The XA has "compatibilty mode" and will run '51 code. The 166 is a bit more different.

Who give a friggin hoot about "running binaries"? why use a 16 bit processor to run 8 bit code?

"binary compatiblity" to run 8 bit code on a 16 bit processor, only Intel with their PC base would think of that. Run the stuff through your compiler and off you go.

The 251 is miserable compared to the XA


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