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Andy Neil
10/18/05 13:22
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#102587 - Assume nothing.
Responding to: Riya Sen's previous message
Riya Sen said:
HiI was working with 89c51 ... will my old program work if i download it with JTAG to my device having c8051f226 or

You should not assume that it will work.

You need to get the two datasheets side-by-side and compare them:

  • check that SFR addresses match
  • check that SFR default/reset conditions match
  • check that the port structures match (is the new chip configurable for push-pull, for example)
  • check the configurations etc needed for enabling/accessing internal and external memories
  • where both devices share common features, check if they are identical, "compatible", similar, or different
  • where the new device adds new features, check that your code leaves them in a "safe" state
  • where the new device omits features from the old, ensure that this doesn't adversely affect your code
  • if previously unused/"reserved" registers and/or bits now have functions assigned, ensure that your code leaves them in a "safe" state
  • timings will almost certainly be different

    etc, etc, etc.

    The instruction set remain the same, and the "core" should be much the same - so you shouldn't need to make dramatic architectural changes, but you should assume that a number of little "tweaks" will be required.

    Note that whether you load it via JTAG or any other means is entirely irrelevant.

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