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Farshid Jafari Harandi
10/18/05 23:31
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#102600 - I also read baout it
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
I also read baout it, seems that is going to be the one.
Sometimes ago i have heard about a media in a exact size and shape of CD's called 'FMD-ROM' which was capable of storing ~240GB at its first relases and up to 1000GB afterwards. they has been stated that this will be available at second quarter 2004 but they changed this time so many times , you can read about it here :

I hope that this Nanotechnology storage could be produced commercially.

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First FRAM, then MRAM, now NRAM      Andy Neil      10/18/05 16:46      
   I also read baout it      Farshid Jafari Harandi      10/18/05 23:31      

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