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Sasha Jevtic
10/24/05 21:45
  10/24/05 21:47

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Barrington, Il

#102878 - Not too many stores any more
Responding to: Robert Perez's previous message
Robert Perez said:
Hi all.

Anyone knows a Semiconductor store where i can buy ICs in Chicago or Milwaukee ??

I'm from the Chicago area, and I must say, our stores are drying up. There were once a few places that a variety of semiconductor products (Tri-State Electronics in Mount Prospect, Future Active store in Mount Prospect, Resource Electronics in Palatine, etc.) However, they haven't exactly been thriving in recent years. Some have closed, and others have moved their businesses away from dealing in semiconductor components. As other posters have already indicated, your best bet is probably to order from Digi-Key or another one of the large catalog distributors and have the products shipped to arrive while in town. I get over 90% of my parts from Digi-Key.

--Sasha Jevtic

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