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Craig Steiner
10/25/05 10:01
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#102929 - And now?
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
when you moved "8051 8-bit computer " to the chat, all posts went blue, none were marked "new" and the red flag Waved. I can not determine whether there was a new post (none marked, none red).

Ok, let's see if this works any better? I did find a bug that caused the "new" flag to not be displayed in the threaded list--though clicking on a specific message would show that message as "new" the moment it was read... but you couldn't tell by browsing the thread list.

That bug should now be fixed. Please let me know if you see any more symptoms.

Essentially, the "new" flag should appear on any message that is new. If it doesn't, please let me know (this is a general request, not just of Erik).

Craig Steiner

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"New message" flags working?      Craig Steiner      10/23/05 15:25      
   Not working      Andy Neil      10/24/05 00:05      
      Same here      Maarten Brock      10/24/05 05:56      
      maybe, but      Erik Malund      10/24/05 08:23      
         not superfluous      Maarten Brock      10/24/05 12:54      
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               flags      Terry Lingle      10/24/05 19:07      
               flat mode and new flag      Jan Waclawek      10/25/05 02:00      
            ah, missed that one      Erik Malund      10/25/05 07:05      
               and saw the (missing) light      Erik Malund      10/25/05 09:04      
                  Which ones?      Craig Steiner      10/25/05 09:43      
                     ok full explanation      Erik Malund      10/25/05 09:50      
                        And now?      Craig Steiner      10/25/05 10:01      
                           Looks to me like it's working right now.      Jon Ledbetter      10/25/05 10:06      
                              "and now" was new so was "looks to me...      Erik Malund      10/25/05 10:43      
                           Excellent      Maarten Brock      10/25/05 11:12      
   Working      Vignesh Prasad      10/30/05 10:27      

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