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Sasha Jevtic
10/26/05 14:40
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Barrington, Il

#102992 - Configuration/calibration
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
Conductivity would probably be a way; however I an 99.17% sure that using conductivity would require calibration based on soil type. That said, if calibration is required, so be it; however i would just luvve it if there was a method that was independent of soil type.


Can you ever really get rid of the calibration/configuration here completely? It seems to be an oversimplification to assume that every application would have the same threshold for when to irrigate and when not to.

Also, as far as dealing with the soil types is concerned, is it possible to reasonably characterize soil conductivity profiles by soil type (e.g., clay, sandy, etc.)? If so, calibration might be a one-button operation, which doesn't seem bad.

--Sasha Jevtic

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