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Rob Vassar
10/27/05 21:27
  10/27/05 21:28

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Round Rock, Tx

#103064 - Gypsum block sensor
Responding to: Bruce Revor's previous message

I studied hydrogeology in college. We used a resistive gypsum block moisture sensor to measure soil moisture. The idea being that a direct measurement needs to be calibrated for the soil type, but the soil and a known/calibrated unit of material, in this case a gypsum block, will be in equilibrium with the soil.

There's a company somehwere here in Austin that completely automates your sprinklers using a combination of local sensors, and local rainfall estimates polled off the Internet. I don't have much information on them, but I have read that it's popular with commercial landscaping here. From what I understand, to get a proper solution, you need tempurature history, a local estimate of rainfall, an estimate of evapotranspiration, as well as soil moisture. Further improvements can be had by sampling a pyranometer to measure total solar input...

Anyhow... I've been out of college too long to have any sources of the sensors I used. Here's a couple quick soil moisture sensor links I found:


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