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Bruce Grenade
10/31/05 06:49
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#103178 - maybe?
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Hi Kai,

I have double checked the schematic and there is no drawing mistake. This is how the circuit is...100% sure. Unfortunatly, I can't post the rest of the circuit. As it pertains to this circuit, the rest is just a software controlled (8051) IC that issues pulses through a matched FET driver. The FET driver is represented by V2 in the circuit.

The process starts off with both FETs being OFF. Next, Q1 is turned ON while Q2 remains off..this is for a small amount of time (16us ish). Next, Q2 goes ON while Q1 is OFF. The process repeats over and over with approximatly 16us or more of duration.

I just don't understand how C5 ever charges and really why it's there in the first place. I understand how C6 and C8 "buffer" up the battery voltage for when Q2 is turned ON.

Thanks for the information on the diodes. I understand a bit more now. BTW, I'm a mechanical engineer trying to get a handle on this coil driver. Our software\EE's are in germany for the next month and there seems to be a problem with this circuit.


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