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Steve M. Taylor
11/01/05 03:13
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State College

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#103214 - Bubble tank
Responding to: Charles Bannister's previous message
Charles Bannister said:

Ans. I etch one side at a time.

Hi Charles,
The best way to etch (faster, does both sides) is either a spray etch, or a bubble etch - spray etching is harder to do, but gives incredible fast etch rates.

You can make a very very cheap bubble etching tank from a polythene container (long narrow tanks are best), a piece of plastic tube and an aquarium pump, or even, in extremis an inner tube filled with air. Drill or pierce SMALL holes in the tube for a length comparable to the length of your tank. Weight the tube, so it sinks even when full of air. Place the PCB VERTICALLY in the tank and fill with etchant- we did it with a rail across the tank and some clothes pegs to hold the pcb off the rail.

Keep the etchant warm, with an aquarium immersion heater, or your natural ambient ! and blow. With decent etchant, you can strip a panel is less than 5 minutes.


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