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Valentin Angelovski
11/05/05 23:25
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#103330 - Re: ac drive
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Shashikant Sharma said:
Dear all engineers,
how to select ac drive.
how to interface speed sensor to ac drive.
please also explain me the effect of higher frequency say 120 50 hz rated motor.

Hi shashikant,

Like Andy said, it depends on the specific appliaction ie: what power/speed rating? optical/hall-effect sensor feedback etc.

In regards to your last question, basically, it depends on your motor inductance, rotor magnetic properties, in addition the final mechanical speed rating of the rotor bearings etc.

While most ac motors can be run above base frequency (and hence speed), you cannot go very far over double the base because of either mechanical, electrical and/or thermal issues under normal circumstances .

Are you using an 8051 micro to control an ac motor?


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