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Andy Peters
11/07/05 11:29
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Tucson, Az

#103387 - death by electricity
Responding to: Vignesh Prasad's previous message
Vignesh Prasad said:
I have seen many such things being done here:

1. Neutral wire is cut and people, as a quick relief, connecting 'Earth' or 'Ground' to Neutral.

2. The concept of 'Earth' is never adhered, using Neutral as 'Earth'(This happens very frequently, when someone living in appartments has bought a new PC and in the spike buster, 'Not Earthed' LED glowing)

3. The Gnd is never maintained.(as Indian Electricity rules have defined, like the rod length to be buried, amount of salt+charcoal to be put, constant watering)

and many more.. Ah, well, these are my confessions, indeed!!

The reasons for electrical codes, and equally important, the enforcement of electrical codes, is to prevent DEATH.

Very recently in Texas, a pastor was electrocuted whilst standing in the baptismal and holding a wired microphone (connected to the sound system). Apart from this being a fine example of G-d's sense of humor, it led to a lot of speculation about how he was killed by the sound system. The mass of the uninformed-but-we-have-an-opinion-anyway heard that the microphone may have had "phantom power," and it was the "phantom power" that killed the guy. Ummmm, totally effin' wrong.

Turns out that the church was a converted supermarket, and all of the electrical wiring was done by church members and NOT a licensed electrical contractor. Nothin' like people who don't know what they're doin' messin' with 'lectricity.


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