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Suresh R
11/08/05 03:09
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#103408 - Thermal relief's
Responding to: Andy Peters's previous message
The suggestions were useful.

Andy Peters said:

The ground plane on the top layer should connect to all of the components on the top that have ground nodes (make sure to use thermal relief pads!). Finally, stitch the two ground planes together using lots of vias.

I have used the top layer copper pour to connect the ground node of all components.The top layer copper pour is stitched to the bottom layer copper pour through vias.

now my doubt is,
Should the thermal relief pads be used only at ground pins of components or even in vias which connect the top layer copper pour to the bottom layer copper pour (ground plane).

Andy Peters said:

The ground track and Vcc track runs on both sides of the board

I'm not sure what you mean by this. There shouldn't be a ground "track" (meaning trace?) on either layer.


from the above statement I mean that the component gnd and vcc tracks are routed on both the sides of PCB using vias. will it give rise to any noise in the design

your comments please.


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