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James Corbin
11/08/05 11:27
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#103435 - I don't think so
Responding to: James Corbin's previous message
I don't think a cap could possibly cause this phenomenon. This occurs consistantly on multiple PCBs so it really can't be a deffective cap. I'll see if removing it has any affect.

I'm feeling like it has to be one of the following:

a) the antenna wire is really connected through FETs that aren't being pulled (or pushed) hard enough. 40uA leakage through the antenna is proof of this. I still don't believe back EMF could cause such a large spike, however.

b) Something the charger is doing somehow masks this spike when directly connected, however, when a load is applied, this spike becomes more obvious.

Such a strange problem and dangerous at the same time :(

- James

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