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Kai Klaas
11/09/05 06:26
  11/09/05 06:36

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#103477 - An illustration...
Responding to: Suresh R's previous message
Suresh said:
I would also like to know about the use of Thermal relief in PCB's.
should i use thermal relief when i connect the ground pin of components to the solid ground plane (in bottom layer).

To illustrate what I mean, and how to choose the thermal reliefs (I call them heat traps, by the way) have a look at the following example board I designed for another forum member some time ago:

Take care, in this little example all the many vias, which should be placed to connect the both ground panes on top and bottom layer are missing. Add them every cm or so. And add them especially to the ground fills placed between different digital signals! For these vias, which only connect the both ground planes and ground fills together thermal reliefs aren't needed, more, they would be highly disadvantageous because of avoidably increasing the impedance of ground.


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