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Jan Waclawek
11/09/05 08:40
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#103488 - 2 answers(?)
Responding to: Billy Fairhurst's previous message
Billy Fairhurst said:
1) Ive read that MAX232s +V and -V have to be set at +8V and -8V respectively. Is there any problem to connect them to Vcc (4.5V) and GRND respectively?
You've read it wrong. Read again and again. The +V and +V pins don't "have to be set", they are the output of the internal voltage doubler/inverter.

Billy Fairhurst said:
2) Does anybody have a c programming tutorial for 8051?
I don't C but I believe all producers of compilers have it in some form - search here and at Keil, IAR,...

Billy Fairhurst said:
thank u sirs

Don't use "u" instead of "you" in this forum. Read the forum rules.

Jan Waclawek

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