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Andy Peters
11/11/05 16:06
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Tucson, Az

#103600 - re: Beagle USB Protocol Analyzer
Responding to: Grant Beattie's previous message
Grant Beattie said:
There was some discussion earlier about the Ellisys USB analyzer ($1k US) and a few people mentioned that they just received the Total Phase Beagle USB analyzer ($400 US). Any further comments on the Beagle? Did it do the job for you?

I wish the Total Phase website had a better description of the analyzer software. It'd be good to know how well the thing decodes USB transactions.

I have an Ellisys USB Tracker 110, and it's quite good.

Note that neither the Beagle nor the Tracker 110 handle high-speed transactions; for that you'll need the $3K USB Explorer or one of the CATC boxes.


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