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Ravi Shankar Ks
11/15/05 09:42
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#103753 - Digital Pattern Logging (logic analyser)
[Although not 8052 directly]

I am required to design and develop a device store information from a digital line for later analysis.

For ex: If I get a pattern like below on a line,
______ _____ ____________________________ _
__| |_______| |__| |_|

( I previewed the post. Sorry for bad ASCII )
I am required to capature this pattern and transfer it to a PC for further analysis.

I was thinking of using a micro and it's "Input Capture" capture, I am not sure if thats the way to go as the minimum pulse width is like 0.5 uSec or 2Mhz signal. What do the gurus in the list think about the approach? I cant think of anything else right now. I wonder how the Logic Analysers do it? That might give me some clue.

If anyone has some experience with similar systems, please share it with me.


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Digital Pattern Logging (logic analyser)      Ravi Shankar Ks      11/15/05 09:42      
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   try a f12x the PCA can clock at 100 MHz      Erik Malund      11/15/05 09:50      
      Thanks JW for
 and EM for PCA      
Ravi Shankar Ks      11/15/05 10:05      
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   cypress fx2, DMA, USB 2.0      Frieder Ferlemann      11/17/05 16:31      

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