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Kai Klaas
11/16/05 09:24
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#103808 - Agreed
Responding to: Frieder Ferlemann's previous message
Frieder said:
Median filter is very adequate to sort out individual misreadings, where a linear filter (like averaging) will have its problems.

Of course! But how to find out what is an "individual misreading" and what comes from strong periodic interference? This can only be interpreted when doing some statistics. But for this you need a large number of samples. Then you can try to fit a Gaussian curve and then you can better see, what seems to be a real individual misreading, what seems to be a periodic interference and what seems to be statistic noise.

Each methode has its pros and cons. The mess is to find out, what is suited and what's not. And in our application removing certain samples was the wrong way to deal with a signal that was superimposed by a relevant periodic interference. That's the only thing I wanted to mention.


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