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Frieder Ferlemann
11/17/05 16:31
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Old Europe

#103872 - cypress fx2, DMA, USB 2.0
Responding to: Ravi Shankar Ks's previous message
if monitoring more than 2 pins using the PCA will have it's limitations.

You might consider using an 8051 derivative from cypress CY7C68013.
This one cannot boast a single cycle core but it has a quite capable xdata DMA modus and an USB 2.0 interface.

I don't know from where you start and what your rationals are but eventually this might be interesting:

and I guess (note: I've not been there, not tested it and providing this just as a guess), you eventually can just connect the pins you want to monitor instead of the ADC there:

(Maybe add a latch or so...)

Know what you're doing!


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