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Jan Waclawek
11/25/05 00:39
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#104149 - manufacturer
Responding to: Ian Bell's previous message
Ian Bell said:
I mentioned it because they [the manufacturer] are the one other party you can be sure is interested in stopping it. Any information you can give them will help keep your product secure and make the manufacturer gratefull to you.

Not at all.

For example, for the Atmel AT89Cxx vulnerability in the pre-'98 chips, I am almost convinced it's a backdoor from the manufacturer.

Moreover, many of the manufacturer have "secure" microcontroller lines (mainly used for chipcards) which claim to have additional security features. They come at additional cost maybe, but I am sure many of the "small" users are willing to pay for it. But it has a downside, too - if the "secure" chips get widespread, first the manufacturer would need tu circulate information which now makes available only to the "big customer" against an NDA, second they will certainly draw more and more attention from the "lock breakers" which is something the manufacturer wants to avoid.

So what do they do? They come out with a "less secure" scheme, to make both the "small user" and lock breaker happy - first has an impression he is secure, the second has the impression he can unlock anything.

Maybe I am watching too many hollywood movies?

Jan Waclawek

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