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Bert Van Den Berg
11/27/05 23:31
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New Zealand

#104241 - TV decoder
Responding to: Steve M. Taylor's previous message

I have a vague memory of this in terms of a pay TV decoder. It was a very clever and wonderful outcome.

In 1988 we caught the University of California (UCLA) pirating 11 of our copyrighted sofware products - even using their reproduction department to make copies of the user manuals.
We ended up taking the State of California to court fighting all the way to the Supreme Court (Google "BV Engineering vs UCLA") but due to a "catch 22" situation where you have to take the States to State court - not Federal - we were unsucessful. This left the law saying UCLA could legally pirate USC (a private university) but USC could not pirate UCLA (a State university).

Rather than give up we solicited the assistance of those with more to lose (MGM Studios, Book Publishers Guild, Songwriter Guild, Software Publishers Association, ADAPSO, etc.) and took the less direct "legislative" approach rather than the "legal" approach. Lobbyists were hired, lawmakers were approached and a bill was launched to correct the situation.

The United States Congress ended up passing a new law called the "Copyright Clarification Act" that not only bound UCLA to uphold Copyright laws but all State agencies became liable for copyright infractions.

We were not a big business - only 8 people - but fought the State of California to the bitter end. Obviously I am very unsympathetic to anyone who pirates software or violates copyrights. I did get a nice letter and a video for testifying on Capital Hill however.

Bert van den Berg

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