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Anil Gupta
11/30/05 03:36
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#104398 - I Agree
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Yes I agree fully with you Mr.Erik.

I too have similar experiences but still I think of trying these types of things though I am not that young now. Because how else could you explain new product beating established product which are sold in thoussand & may be millions.I have seen many big company selling product in a price that was too high even if cost & efforts of developing the product is taken into account. This is mainly because of product lead/monoploy established or their overheads are high or they are making huge profits in absencce of competitor or nobody else(designer) has a look at the product or thinking if someone does 5000 unit in $500 how could I do it in less.
But that is the rule of game where established player are bitten by innovative products.

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