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Erik Malund
11/30/05 05:58
  11/30/05 06:33

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Mt Airy, Nc

#104405 - No, I have not been involved in inverter
Responding to: Anil Gupta's previous message
It seems you have involved in AC drive(inverter) design. I am also designing a AC drive. Most compnay recommoned 1200v IGBT for 400 v drive. How you came to know of above calculations?
No, I have not been involved in inverter design, I have designed system controls for 100-40.000 gal (400-200.000 liter) mixers. In that system "storebought" inverters were used. I found that the inverters that had IGBTs of 1200V were "pure crap", 1400V decent and 1600V excellent. As an experiment I took one of the 1200V units and replaced the IGBTs with 1600V and, as far as I know it is still running. We blew 1200V inverters on a regular basis till we got wiser and went to 1400V. It may be that 1400 is sufficient and the fwe that blew was due to other causes, but I would still specify 1600V.


Just recall that when we made the 40.000 gal mixer, they screwed up. We built it, tested it and called for the truck. When the truck came, we could not get it out and had to have a wall of the building torn down.

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