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Grant Beattie
11/30/05 09:41
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San Juan Capistrano, Ca

#104437 - I also use 666 as a "magic number"
Responding to: Andy Peters's previous message
Ha ha ... good one.

Does everyone put ASCII copyright notices or similar in all of their code? I usually put a version #, part #, date, copyright notice and "all rights reserved" type comment. Easter eggs I guess for prying eyes (not that they'd likely see it after the lock bits are blown). At least it gives the person running the device programmer a chance to verify that they have loaded the correct hex file at burn time.

One time back in the 80's I was looking at someone elses work (was viewing an EPROM for a synthesizer I was tinkering with) and saw a politcal rant in ASCII text. I was really blown away by that. It would be funny to find the original author. I'm sure very few people saw that.

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