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Valentin Angelovski
11/30/05 16:26
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#104460 - Not in every case
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message

Leroy-somer, ( ) for example specify >50% overspeed - provided you have forced-ventilation fan externally mounted on the motor's rear. So double base frequency is indeed possible (we have done it successfuly many times) - not running the motor at maximum power (upsizing) also helps in this regard. Chances are, a Baldor Sales Engineer could also propose a greater than 20% overspeed solution using their motors...

One thing I will agree though, the performance/price ratio of Variable Speed Drives (VSD's) Has become so good that you can nowadays run 'specially re-constructed' AC motors to around 700 Hz synchronous speed(!) - all with the same 'off-the-shelf' AC motor controller(!!). Those IGBT's would be switching pretty fast in order to maintain <1% THD...


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