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Heinrich Atomic
12/02/05 02:42
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Yellow Springs, Ohio

#104562 - An open letter to users
I posted the message below as a reply to
a stepper motor question but I think it applies
to many other topics and groups. It is an open
invitation to participate in an experiment in
open learning and discourse. And maybe a
place folks can share thier material resources
with each other to foster learning and growth
in everything from electronics to metaphysics.
I'm posting this to a lot of groups so forgive
me the form letter like feel.

Personally I got into the bad habit of buying
parts by the hundred because they were
cheap and I happen to live near one of the
largest surplus stores (where is so happens
I worked at as a kid) around. My dear spouse
has encouraged me to part with some of the
excess (read strongly encouraged <grin>)
stuff wherever I can. So I figure since I really
don't need say 1000 LED's or 10,000 IC's
of various sorts it's time to share the wealth.
eBay not withstanding I'd like to see them
actually used rather that spending time on
the net selling them. So go to the group and
participate and I'll see if I have something
you actually can use. No guarantees. I can
only provide what I have and while I know
most of it is either new (NOS) or working
old no promises. Hell I even have some of
RCA's original point contact transistors from
the... 50's and earlier. Shows my age I guess.
So come by, participate, and we'll see how it
goes. My field is Physics and Electronic
Engineering but I'm pretty much interested in
technologies fo any sort and in metaphysics
and spiritual growth of any stripe so to speak.

Everyone is welcome. No dissing or flaming
allowed and that goes triple for SPAM. I've
been doing this for a very long time (think
IBM 360's time) and am not very nice to
spammers or flamers... Get my meaning?

"I really don't want to offend anyone here but
before you ask for basic 89c52 or other 8x51
chip information would you simply go to Atmel
or Intel's websites? They have a wide variety
of free datasheets that are quite informative."

"They include code examples that can surely
be adapted to the particular assembler/compiler
you are using. Or you might try going to a really
good support site like There
you will probably find answers to almost any
8x51 question you can imagine. The repeated
requests for things like "the instruction set"
can be answered by simply following my
suggestions. And in some cases they even offer
information in languages other than english."

I've been engineering for applications in physics
for years and still find goodies and tidbits that
help me save time and effort in various situations.

And if that isn't possible I would be happy to e-mail
datasheets and information to whoever "REALLY"
can't get them. As founder of the Young Scientists
Club in Y***** S****** Ohio I like helping others.

In that vein I am also willing to provide free components
if I have them to anyone who will pay shipping. You can
get more information by going to the Yahoo site below.

Requests for components will be honored wherever
possible but no promises are offered. I can only
provide what is available to me from my own stocks
and not components from our business unit.

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