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Frank Jin
12/06/05 08:28
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#104773 - Hardware Experience
Responding to: Andy Curda's previous message
First of all, I want to say, thanks.

Although my background is EE, I didn't design the hardware by myself before. I fully understand the hardware, but I haven't got any chance to develop or DRAW the PCB board. I think this is my big shortage.

The microprocessors that I used these years are 8051 and 68302. I am trying to learn hardware design thing. Do you know where I can get some PCB layout freeware to pratice hardware design? Are you familar with FPGA and VHDL? I also want to dig this area, if I type FPGA and VHDL on Amazon, too many books to choose. Which book do you feel is good for me to buy?



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